Welcome to my website! My name is Annie and I am a professional pet portrait artist. I specialize in creating premium quality pet portraits in graphite pencil. All my portraits are traditionally hand-drawn for clients worldwide, based on the photographs they provide me with. I pride myself on offering a high standard of work and service, and I feel very privileged to be trusted to portray all the wonderful pets I am commissioned to draw! 


I have deep appreciation for the role our pets play in our lives and I understand the need to have something tangible to express the happiness they bring into our lives. I believe the connections we form with them (and each other) are precious and rare and should be nurtured and celebrated.

Feedback from my clients makes my heart overflow, whether they express the joy their portraits bring them, or say that it has helped them heal and achieve a sense of closure. You can read some client testimonials at the bottom of the page! Most of my portraits are given as gifts, which is very exciting! I love hearing the feedback from both my client and the recipient!

Visit the Gallery to view the different kinds of pet portraits that I offer. My portraits are unique and tailor-made for clients according to their vision. 


I hold very high standards and aim to deliver high quality work and professional service to my clients, who, along with their furry companions, are the heart of my business and the reason I do what I do. I work closely with each client; focusing my full attention on each commission separately is an important part of how I work.


Sorting out the details of the commission is an exciting part of the process and involves choosing the size and the photo reference. View my commissioning process page for the steps to commission a portrait.


Click here to view the portrait prices. I also have a dedicated FAQ page for some quick answers to commonly asked questions, but do not hesitate to get in touch. I would love to answer any questions you have personally and to hear your ideas!



Welcome to my about me page! I am a professional Pet Portrait Artist and my name is Annie Stander. On this page I’ve put together some photos of me and where I live, so that you can feel like you know me a bit better! Below is... read more


Hi Annie, I received Raven's portrait today; it is really, really beautiful, brought tears to my eyes. Thank you so much for helping to capture her strength & beauty. - Olivia, Ireland

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