I am a professional portrait artist working in graphite pencil. It is the perfect medium for me, as I like capturing fine details and I love the delicateness of a pencil portrait. I am motivated as a portrait artist by the happiness and comfort that a portrait of a loved one can bring. I also enjoy the challenge of capturing a likeness. 

Each drawing is made with a lot of love and attention to detail. I am fascinated by all the details which make up our unique features and expressions and strive to capture these endearing qualities in my work.

Furthermore, I am continually inspired by my beautiful surroundings in the seaside town of Hermanus, Western Cape, to create beauty of my own.

The Drawing Process

I find that for me, the secret to drawing accurately lies in constant, patient refinement. The process starts with a rough sketch, which I continually adjust until I am left with a neat outline. At this point I add some tone, starting with the darkest values. When drawing, I like to think and draw in shapes and continually search for shapes that make up form. From here I add the lighter tones and start with all the fine details that will eventually complete the portrait.

My Art Materials

I use both Faber-Castell's 9000 range of graphite pencils and Derwent's Graphic range, in grades HB-8B. Due to their ability to portray a subject in a less formal manner, but in beautiful detail, graphite pencils have always been my medium of choice. I do a lot of drawing, so I go through pencils very quickly. My Derwent pencil extender makes it possible for me to use the entire pencil.

I use two kinds of erasers, a Faber-Castell putty eraser, as well as my very handy Derwent battery eraser for detailed erasing, highlights or when necessary to bring back the white of the paper.


I draw on Daler-Rowney's Smooth Heavyweight Cartridge Paper 220 gsm, which I absolutely love. It's an acid-free paper, which ensures that your portrait does not yellow over time. 220 gsm is quite thick and prevents creasing. 


Lisa’s portrait captures her character and her lively eyes in a very prominent way. We absolutely adore the portrait because it is such a true reflection of who she is.