Pet Portrait Gifts & Tributes


Welcome to my about page! Art is and has always been an inseparable part of my being and of my way of looking at the world.

Pet portraits bring together two of the most important things in my life: ​art, and the celebration of those we love. Among those dearest to us are our pets. They touch and change us forever and art is simply one of the tools we have to try to display the happiness they bring into our lives. I am captivated by all the details which make up our pets' unique features and expressions and strive to capture these endearing qualities in my work. I hear so much positive feedback from my clients and it makes me love what I do even more!


I love doing commissions! The process of commissioning an artwork of a pet is a very special experience, and I love taking care with all the details of the process to show my appreciation to clients. It's a true collaboration and each commission is unique. 

I am privileged to be able to use my passion and skill to create artworks for my clients and I so feel honored to be trusted by them to portray their pets.

I am based in the coastal town Hermanus in the Western Cape, South Africa, and ship my portraits worldwide. You can get in touch with me via my contact page or email me directly at I would love to meet you!