About me

My name is Annie Stander and I am a professional portrait artist working in graphite pencil. I love what I do and feel honored to be trusted by clients to portray those they love.​

Graphite pencil is the perfect medium for me, as I love to capture fine details and I like the delicateness and informality of a pencil portrait. I am motivated as a portrait artist by the happiness that a portrait of a loved one can bring. I also enjoy the challenge of capturing a likeness. 


Each drawing is made with a lot of love and attention to detail. I am fascinated by all the details which make up our unique features and expressions and strive to capture these endearing qualities in my work.

The photo above was taken while I was enjoying the view from Siever's Point in the beautiful seaside town of Hermanus, where I live. It is one of my favourite photos of me and Lisa, the sweet Vizsla I spend my days with.

I am continually inspired by the beauty around me. When I'm not creating portraits for clients, I enjoy spending time in nature with Lisa and my partner-in-all-things Michiel, a conservationist and photographer. 


I hope you've enjoyed reading a bit about me!


For more information about commissioning a portrait, please visit the Commissioning Info page, which is also where you can view my price and size list. To view examples of my work, please head over to my Portrait Galleries.

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