Pet Portrait Gallery


Welcome to my pet portrait gallery! Here you can view some of my favourite portraits from over the last few years. I have been commissioned to draw them by my wonderful clients who trusted me to portray their pets. They are all much more than pets to their owners and have touched their hearts in a very special way.


I create each one with love and care, after which they are professionally mounted, carefully packaged and sent home all over the world.

I hope you enjoy viewing my work and reading more about my portraits below. To order one of your own, please get in touch with me via my contact page. I would love to hear from you!


Jackson and I spent the day at the beach and your portrait of him was waiting when we returned. You captured everything I had hoped for and then some. Attached is one of the photos I took this afternoon on Sullivan’s Island, which is one of barrier islands at the mouth of Charleston harbor. Still a little cool for the sunbathers and crowds are smaller during a weekday also. 


Thank you so and I can not express how much this means to me.





My client Mark from the US got in touch with me about having a 9"x11" portrait made of his best friend Jackson. He took the time to do a bit of a photo shoot with Jackson and snapped the perfect image for me to work from. Jackson also has a great collar with a "J" that we had to include in the portrait. Mark loved the end result and you can read his feedback below.


To read the full story of Jackson's portrait, read Mark's testimonial and see lots of photos, visit Jackson's portrait page.




My client Terry from Canada inquired about a portrait of the family Vizsla, Lincoln, who had sadly passed away and was terribly missed. Lincoln came to them as a rescue after being abandoned in his old age. Thanks to the Taylor family's love, Lincoln spent the rest of his days happy and loved. My client Terry wanted a portrait of him to place in his office and had many wonderful photos of Link for us to look over. He wanted it to be 6"x8" which is a custom sized portrait.


To read more about Lincoln's adoption story and portrait commission, and to see Terry testimonial and lots of photos, visit Lincoln's portrait page.

It’s is absolutely amazing, literally starting crying when I saw it. Please don’t change a thing.


Lincoln came home today! The portrait is amazing, 10/10, the detail is stunning, it looks more like him than a photograph. Will cherish it forever, thank you so much for the effort you put in! He is missed beyond words around the house. I wanted to put it in my office but I think it's going to end up in our family room for everyone to see and remember him.



My lovely client Alyssa from the US contacted me with the idea to gift a portrait of Bear to her sister. Her sister had suddenly got the devastating news that due to aggressive lung cancer, her beloved Bear had to be put down, and Alyssa wanted her sister to have a keepsake memory of him. She decided on my 8"x10" size and had three wonderful photos of Bear for us to choose a reference from.


To read the full story of Bear's portrait, read Alyssa's testimonial and see lots of photos, visit Bear's portrait page.



"Honestly I think it looks great! I can't wait to give it to her, I know she will love it!"


Alyssa's sister loved the end result. Alyssa sent photos of her reaction, and wrote:

"I think it’s safe to say, she loved it....thank you so much again!"

Hi Annie!

There’s absolutely nothing I would change. This is an absolutely incredible piece. You are such a talented artist. It looks perfect. I can’t wait to give this to my other half as a gift. I’m speechless! 



Rob got in touch with me from the US about a portrait as his finacee's birthday was coming up and he was looking for a very special gift. He was considering gifting her with a double portrait of their two boys, Gambit and Griffin.

I had a lovely time going back and forth with Rob, creating the final design, and making sure everything was perfect before I started on the portrait. He wanted a large piece and opted for my largest size, 14"x18", perfect for a focal piece in a home. He had many wonderful photos for me to look through and we chose the two below, which worked perfectly. Best of all, his fiancee loved it!


To read the full story of Gambit & Griffin's portrait, read Rob's testimonial and see lots of photos, visit Gambit & Griffin's portrait page.




My client Martin from SA contacted me about availability as he was thinking of surprising his fiancee with Lily's portrait as a gift. Martin and his fiancee are both vets and love animals. Lily is their favourite of all. They got her as a puppy while they were doing community service in a rural part of Mpumalanga. One of her unique features is her one ear that stands up and the other that flops down and Martin wanted this captured in the portrait. He decided on my 9"x11" size and his fiancee was delighted with her gift!

To read the full story of Lily's portrait, read Martin's testimonial and see lots of photos, including her reference photo, visit Lily's portrait page

Hi Annie

I received the package today, thank you! I REALLY want to have a look at the portrait but I think I'm going to wait for Stacy to unwrap it. Thanks again. We'll be in touch next year once Stacy opens her gift. 


Have a lovely festive season,




Hi Annie

I gave my fiancée her gift and she absolutely loves it! Thank you so much. It was also the first time I saw it in real life. It looks unbelievably realistic. I'll still send you a photo of Lily next to her portrait :)



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