Welcome to Lincoln's portrait page!


My client Terry from Canada inquired about a portrait of their family's Vizsla, Lincoln, who had sadly passed away and was terribly missed. Terry wanted a portrait of him to place in his office and chose a 6"x8" custom size. He had many photos of Lincoln as options for his portrait and also shared two touching videos with me about Lincoln's story- read all about his happy ending with the Taylor family below! We chose the photo below, which worked very well.


Lincoln was abandoned by his family at the age of 10. Due to his age, he was not going to be an easy placement. Midwest Vizsla Rescue stepped in and got to work on applications. Soon after, magic happened! A wonderful family with Vizsla experience wanted to give him a home. The Taylors had a love connection with Lincoln. There were just a few slight issues: Lincoln was in Emporia, Kansas, and the Taylor family was all the way over in Winipeg, Manitoba - Canada, and it was tornado season in the Midwest ...

In stepped Iowa, Nebraska Vizsla Rescue- they reached out to a couple who flies with their Vizsla! Rain, lightning, thunder, funnel clouds all week - but they found a slice of blue sky! They flew into Emporia, picked him up in between storms and got him up to Iowa, where he waited for his family to drive over to come get him! Safely in the arms of his new family, Lincoln, now a Canadian, headed north to his new forever home. 

It’s is absolutely amazing, literally starting crying when I saw it. Please don’t change a thing. - Terry

Lincoln came home today! The portrait is amazing, 10/10, the detail is stunning, it looks more like him than a photograph. Will cherish it forever, thank you so much for the effort you put in! He is missed beyond words around the house. I wanted to put it in my office but I think it's going to end up in our family room for everyone to see and remember him. -Terry

Terry also left me a wonderful review on my business's Facebook page:

"I wanted something to remember my best friend by that we lost in January. After a brief conversation I knew Annie was the right person. The portrait is amazing, it is better than any picture we have ever taken. I originally wanted it for my office but after seeing the finished product it will be hung in our family room for everyone to see. My only regret now is that I didn't have it made bigger. Shipping also was amazing, it took 20 min to get it out of the bubble wrap! I would recommend Annie to anyone!"

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