My Art Materials

Welcome to my Art Materials page. If you would like to read a bit about me, please view my About Me page. 

My work involves the use of two of my favourite things- paper and pencils. It is of the utmost importance to me that I use the highest quality materials available on the market for my portraits.


I use Italian paper from Fabriano, in a hot-pressed variant from their Artistico range, which you can see close-up below.


At 300gsm it's thick and sturdy, with a smooth texture that still has enough tooth to hold dark tones well. The colour is a soft cream, and it has a wonderful deckled edge. It's also, importantly, acid-free, which ensures that your portrait doesn't yellow over time.


My favorite pencils are from Faber-Castell. I use their 9000 range of graphite pencils, in grades 2B-8B. I love them for the combination of their strong leads that hold their sharpness even in their softest grades, and the consistency of their graphite-clay mixtures that shades smoothly and speck-free. The dark green and gold of the pencils also make them beautiful to look at!


I do a lot of drawing, so I go through pencils very quickly. I use a pencil extender to make it possible for me to use the entire pencil. My favourite one is from Derwent; it has a nice grip (that you can see at the top of the page, along with my beloved pencils)

I like to use two kinds of erasers, a Faber-Castell putty eraser, as well as a battery eraser from Derwent for detailed erasing, creating highlights and when necessary to bring back the white of the paper. ​

I hope you've enjoyed learning viewing the materials that I use. For more information about commissioning a portrait, please visit the Commissioning Info page, which is also where you can find a link to my price and size list. To view examples of my work, please head over to the Gallery.

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