Chi-La's Pet Portraits

Chi-La is a wonderful Vizsla girl who has passed on at old age, and who was and is deeply loved by her owner. She commissioned me to draw these two portraits of Chi-La, happy in the open fields, as a beautiful tribute to her. Each portrait I get to draw is special in its own way, and every pet touches my heart in a different way. Hearing all about Chi-La really reminded me once again of all that is great about Vizslas. They are a very special breed indeed. Her portraits were both done at 10 x 12 in, my personal favourite size for smaller size portraits. Below you can see photos of her portraits as well as one after it has been mounted (which I do before sending portraits out). You can also see the reference photos that were used.

Hugs... thank you... your art is so healing to my heart... you are truly talented and I am so grateful. Lorilyn

If you are interested in a portrait of your pet, or have any questions, get in touch! I would love to have a chat to hear what you have in mind, and of course to hear all about the special portrait subject!

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