Amie's Pet Portrait

In August 2019 my client Rhe commissioned an 8 x 10 in cat portrait of Amie as a gift to her sister.

A few weeks and many emails later we felt that we had the right size and reference photo. Amie is a rescue that was adopted by Rhe's sister and is very well loved. I loved working with Rhe and we love the end result. I hope you do too!

She opted to receive the portrait framed and the photo below on the left was taken after the portrait came back from the framers.

'Dear Annie, you have done the portrait so true to life. Amie's eyes speak. You have a wonderful talent. The drawing is exceptional. Thank you so, so much. Rhe'

If you would like to commission a portrait of your cat or are thinking of gifting a cat portrait, get in touch. I would love to work with you on something unique and special!

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