Irish's Portrait

In January 2020 Cory contacted me about his interest in having a drawing made of their Vizsla, Irish, who had sadly passed away. Irish was a much loved member of their family and they wanted a portrait to help display the happiness she brought into their lives. I always feel very honoured to be trusted to create portraits of pets that have passed on and loved drawing her. It also meant so much to me that Cory loved the end result.

'Wowzers Annie!! You did such a fantastic job. I shared it with my wife and she broke down crying on how beautiful and happy Irish looks! Thank you for taking your time, we truly appreciate your artistry and passion. It truly is a work of art, and embodies our Irie (that’s Irish’s nickname). No changes necessary, it’s perfect.'

Below is a photo of her portrait next to the wonderful reference photo I used. He chose the 8 x 10 inch size which worked very well and is one of my favorite sizes for smaller portraits.

If you connect with my work and are interested in a portrait of your pet, get in touch! I am always happy to check your photos and give advice free of charge. You can email photos to:

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