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Pet Portrait Studio News: June 2021

A special life update, a trip down the Garden Route and Jackson and Lincoln's pet portrait stories!

Hello and welcome to my pet portrait studio news! In this month’s post, I have a very special life update, lots of gorgeous photos of the Garden Route, the wonderful pet portrait stories of Jackson and Lincoln as well as some other studio news.

Can you believe we are already halfway into 2021? What has proved to be another difficult year, also had one really special highlight for me...

I'm now a Mrs ♥ I married my best friend on the 14th of May in a beautiful garden like I dreamt of as a girl. We had a tiny Covid friendly wedding with just our nearest and dearest and it was so special; we enjoyed every moment.

Take a trip down the garden route

On our honeymoon we traveled along the Garden Route, a beautiful, wonderful stretch of coastline including some of the most breathtaking spots in the Western Cape. On one side is the big blue ocean with some stunning beaches, and on the other, lush green forests and hills.

We like to hike and we did a bit of that here and there. Here we are sitting on a beacon on the tip that you see in the next image. These were taken in a small town called Nature's Valley.

Nature's Valley's beach below, taken from a lookout point on an early morning walk through the forest to the river mouth.

On a rainy day in Plettenberg Bay we looked for a coffee shop and found a little french one called Le Fournil, where we had the most incredible freshly baked pain au chocolat. I speak French, but have never been to France (or any French speaking country for that matter!), so I feel a weird sort of connection. I hope to visit soon!

Keurboomstrand was incredible and also holds sentimental value to us. There are all sorts of gorgeous spots if you venture away from the main beach to explore.

Look who came to say hello! The accommodation owner's dog, Lulu, made herself right at home.

Gorgeous Knysna! What a dream. We had a quick stop there on the way home but in hindsight, we would've loved to stay longer. The views from the lookout points are just wonderful. This was taken on one of the famous 'Knysna heads' looking out over the other on the left.

Another Airbnb owner's sweet boy, Max, was very interested in our dinner. Such a special visitor! We both love the breed and hope to have one of our own.

We also stayed near Sedgefield and had a lovely forest walk. Have you visited South Africa and if so, did your trip include the garden route? I would love to hear all about it!

Pet Portrait Stories!

I had a wonderful break but it's so good to be back at the drawing board. Here are two of my pet portraits from a while back and their stories. I am currently working on a 12"x16" double portrait of a client's two adorable rescues!

Read on for Lincoln and Jackson's pet portrait stories.


My client Terry from Canada inquired about a portrait of their family's Vizsla, Lincoln, who had sadly passed away and was terribly missed. Terry wanted a portrait of him to place in his office and chose a 6"x8" custom size. He had many photos of Lincoln as options for his portrait and also shared two touching videos with me about Lincoln's story- read all about his happy ending with the Taylor family below!

Lincoln's story

Lincoln was abandoned by his family at the age of 10. Due to his age, he was not going to be an easy placement. Midwest Vizsla Rescue stepped in and got to work on applications. Soon after, magic happened! A wonderful family with Vizsla experience wanted to give him a home. The Taylors had a love connection with Lincoln. There were just a few slight issues: Lincoln was in Emporia, Kansas, and the Taylor family was all the way over in Winipeg, Manitoba - Canada, and it was tornado season in the Midwest ...

In stepped Iowa, Nebraska Vizsla Rescue, who reached out to a couple who flies with their Vizsla! There was rain, lightning, thunder, funnel clouds all week - but they found a slice of blue sky! They flew into Emporia, picked him up in between storms and got him up to Iowa, where he waited for his family to drive over to come get him! Safe and sound with his new family, Lincoln, now a Canadian, headed north to his new forever home...

It’s is absolutely amazing, literally starting crying when I saw it. Please don’t change a thing. - Terry

Lincoln came home today! The portrait is amazing, 10/10, the detail is stunning, it looks more like him than a photograph. Will cherish it forever, thank you so much for the effort you put in! He is missed beyond words around the house. I wanted to put it in my office but I think it's going to end up in our family room for everyone to see and remember him. -Terry

Terry also left me a wonderful review on my business's Facebook page.

"I wanted something to remember my best friend by that we lost in January. After a brief conversation I knew Annie was the right person. The portrait is amazing, it is better than any picture we have ever taken. I originally wanted it for my office but after seeing the finished product it will be hung in our family room for everyone to see. My only regret now is that I didn't have it made bigger. Shipping also was amazing, it took 20 min to get it out of the bubble wrap! I would recommend Annie to anyone!"


My client Mark from the US got in touch with me about having a 9"x11" portrait made of his best friend Jackson. He took the time to do a bit of a photo shoot with Jackson and snapped the perfect image for me to work from. Jackson also has a great collar with a "J" that we had to include in the portrait. Mark loved the end result and you can read his feedback below.


Jackson and I spent the day at the beach and your portrait of him was waiting when we returned. You captured everything I had hoped for and then some. Attached is one of the photos I took this afternoon on Sullivan’s Island, which is one of barrier islands at the mouth of Charleston harbor. Still a little cool for the sunbathers and crowds are smaller during a weekday also.

Thank you so and I can not express how much this means to me.



If you would like to commission a pet portrait of your own, you can get in touch with me via my contact page or email me directly at info@anniestander.com (you can also reply to this email). I would love to meet you and your pets!

Studio News

My May/ June promotion is still running till the end of June. Every portrait booked during May or June 2021 will receive a complimentary 5"x 5" portrait (does not need to be the same pet) to keep or gift! Below I am holding two 5"x5" portraits- they are highly detailed, realistic works of art and cute too! Their size makes them perfect to place on a desk or shelf and they also make wonderful gifts.

I hope you've enjoyed this month's newsletter! Next month I'm entering a new phase in my business with a very special launch, so stay tuned!

I cannot thank you enough- your interest, kind words and support mean the world to me. I'm so grateful to be able to serve you in this way.

Until next month, lots of love and care to you and your pets, always.